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Mobile and Remote Notary of Public

Why do you need a Notary of Public?

A Notary of Public is a commissioned impartial witness by the Secretary of State. They have the power to witness the signing of documents and administer oaths required for things like purchasing a home or approving a loved ones medical care through Power of Attorney.


What is a Remote Online Notary?

A Remote Online Notary uses the internet to notarize for you regardless of where you are at the time of notarization. The signer appears before the Notary at the time of notarization using audio-visual technology. The signer's ID is checked both through Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) and by the notary over the Internet. When notarizing the Notary will apply a digital seal and in our state of Virginia, we will apply our digital certificate (signature).

What is a Power of Attorney?


A "Power of Attorney" (Attorney-in-Fact) is someone that you (the Principal) gives the power to perform for you in the manor that you choose, usually for financial or medical purposes. There are many reasons you may need a Power of Attorney (POA) and there are many different types of POAs.

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