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Program Budgeting, Audits, and Tax Preparation

We are seasoned program managers experienced in navigating complex projects and providing exceptional leadership to successfully execute multi-million dollar initiatives. We ensure seamless coordination, strategic planning, and efficient resource allocation for optimal program outcomes through Agile frameworks and Carlow University Masters School of Business practices.


Coaching and Consulting Services

Other things we can help you with:

> Agile Coaching

> Financial Coaching
> Wellness Coaching

> Providing general organizational and project management assistance with mail, papers and other areas as needed.

> Internet research

> Digitize your files then shred what you don't want
> We also like working with photos and can digitize and edit your photos for sharing

> Referring clients to other professional services i.e. legal, tax, investment professionals, maintenance, home improvements and community resources

• Financial Coaching• Wellness Coaching• Help improve your credit score

• Bill payment services for individuals and families

• Bill payment services for small businesses

• Financial record management

• Budgeting

Debt reduction

• Assisting family members or other professionals who are 

  named as fiduciaries

Help improve your credit score

• Work remotely and on site

• Coaching Services
> Agile Coaching

    > Financial Coaching

    > Wellness Coaching

Mobile Notary


Your Happiness, Brings us Great Joy

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