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Mary, Falls Church, VA (age 67)

I have used a Daily Money Manager for close to 20 years, I am just not good with this sort of thing. When Michelle came on board about 3 years ago, I had over 30 doctors, creditors and other bills to pay each month, it was enough to make your head spin. Then I unexpectedly lost my job. I could have cried. Michelle kept me on track, worked out a plan, and still got more than 1/2 those bills paid off with money to spare for the savings account. My debt has gone down and my credit score has gone up. She has done a marvelous job.

Robert, Falls Church, VA (age – 65)

"Michelle helps me go through my mail to understand what is trash and what is not. She organizes my bills to make sure everything is paid on time, and will even write my checks for me to sign then get them to the mail. She helps me with on-line banking and on-line bill payment. We monitor and have set up a schedule for my budget. She is really a big help and looking out for me, she’s like my younger big sister."

Earl & Marilee, Falls Church, VA (age – early and mid 80s)

"Michelle is always very pleasant and caring to talk with and be with. She hadn’t seen my wife in church for a while, so she stopped by one day and brought us lunch. While there I asked her to help me with my iPod and she resolved my issue. Christmas morning we were surprised with a lovely Orchid and Christmas card at our door step. She is always so thoughtful."

Margaret, Arlington, VA (age - 83)

"Michelle has always been a help to me whenever I need her for any little odd thing. I called her to just help me put light bulbs in and move some things around. After I fell and broke my hip, I gave her a call on my way home from the hospital needing someone with me 24/7, she came right over until she had an agency that could come (she was even going to stay the night if she couldn't find one that quickly). She also comes over and helps me understand my mail and help pay bills. We have a great time socializing as well. She's like a 2nd daughter to me."

Ellen (age - 61)

"I live south and my 94 year old aunt is over 200 miles away from me. There are a lot of things that can be done remotely, however there are a lot of things that can't be. She doesn't have any children, I'm all she has, well until we found Michelle. Michelle goes by every Monday morning and has a list of things she goes over with and does with my aunt, then they go out and have an activity or relax and visit in her home. I feel so much better now that I have someone like Michelle looking over my aunt with me locally helping her in any way she can like checking emails and mail, helping write the shopping list, helping get money and watch where it goes and more."


Vernic, Annandale, VA (age – early 60s)

"I wanted to take a class with the Red Cross in Old Town Alexandria that ended so late that I didn’t have enough time to get to the bus stop to get home. Michelle came out 3 nights a week for 8 weeks to pick me up and bring me home. The night of the surprise snow storm January 2016, when traffic was delayed by several hours because it was so unexpected, she left her Falls Church at 7:30 pm to make it in time to pick me up at 9:30 pm. We let out early, at 9:10 and she had just arrived and was in the parking lot waiting for me. I would not have been able to complete my CNA class if it hadn’t been for Michelle coming to my rescue."

Mary, Annandale, VA (age – 98)

"I was at the doctor’s and time was so delayed that my daughter-in-law had to go to work and couldn’t leave in time to pick me up. I called Michelle and she told the small business that she was doing bookkeeping for that day that she had to leave to pick me up and would return in about 1/2 hour. She was in Fairfax and I was in Annandale, she came and picked me up and then went back. I can really rely on Michelle for help any time."

Evelyn, Falls Church, VA (age – 95)

"I have always dreamed of writing a book of my genealogy. I can do this by long hand or on a type writer, but the modern way of doing it is on computers and I just don’t know exactly how to do this. Michelle takes all my chicken scratch notes and types them in, emails them to my niece in Canada for review and editing, then prints out the revised version for me to answer questions and then scans in my comments/answers and sends them back to Canada. I would never have been able to see this dream come true without her assistance. She has done such a wonderful job restoring the pictures dating back to before 1900 and setting up everything to go to the publisher."​

Mark, Fairfax, VA (age – 67)

"I have a bad back and one day during the snow storms of 2015 someone comes knocking at my Fairfax City home with a snow shovel in hand. It was Michelle, she had stopped by to shovel my snow then went back to the office to shovel that snow. When I was out of town, she dug my car out of the snow so that when I returned home I would easily be able to maneuver. She really amazes me how she goes above and beyond the call of duty."

Max, McLean, VA (age – 47)

"I am overcoming some bad habits and wanting to work on my health. Michelle meets me at her gym and takes me in as her guest to exercise. She’ll either work out with me showing me what to do, or let me do my own thing. One day she even went in the morning on her own, mid-day with another client, then went that evening with me (she worked out all three times). This is great therapy for me, I am truly inspired by her knowledge, caring, and willingness to help me and others."

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